Pocket Protector

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It’s Saturday night, and you’re ready to rock your new skinny jeans that are comfy and coincidentally make your stems look, literally, like stems.

One problem — Mother Nature has shown up with her monthly gift, and a bag just doesn’t fit with your style.Tampax! Those pockets can’t fit much (maybe a bobby pin, a mint, a coin) but, luckily, Tampax Compak Pearl, with its 40 percent-smaller applicator (compared to the leading plastic applicator tampon), is little enough to tag along without cramping your style (no pun intended).

Watch here to learn how to outsmart your period with Compak Pearl’s powerful pocket-size protection. Don’t let Mother Nature get in the way of looking fabulous!

Click here to get free shipping on Les Halles jeans, courtesy of Tampax Compak Pearl. Available on Swirl.com until Sunday.
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