Prom Makeover Contest by Kymaro

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

With 64% of American teens having poor body image, KYMARO® has announced its plan to increase self-confidence amongst high school students by giving them a reason to attend their proms – a head-to-toe makeover! The health & beauty brand is taking a positive action towards teenage body image issues by creating a facebook page, where teens can submit their story on why they are apprehensive about going to their prom.

KYMARO®’s “Say Yes to the Prom Dress” is a nationwide contest enlisting high school students to put their confidence levels and writing skills to the test. Asked to submit a one page, heart-warming essay on why they don’t want to attend their prom, five lucky winners will have the chance to win a full makeover. A panel of image guru’s including a makeup artist, hairstylist, fashion stylist and fitness expert will work their magic to re-build the self-esteem these teens are craving. Similar to “Laney Boggs” in “She’s All That,” these stunning ladies will have the opportunity to show-off their $2,000 makeover which includes a new prom dress and accessories, two free prom tickets and transportation to and from prom.

BJ Fazeli, Founder and President of BJ Global Direct, Inc., created the beauty and health empire, KYMARO® in 2004. With three daughters complaining about all different beauty blunders, his goal was to find the best products for all of their needs at the most affordable prices.

“We are three sisters with three very different body types and have all struggled with different types of insecurities throughout our lives” said Romy Fazeli Alahmari, Creative Director. “I think this gives us an advantage because we understand how teen girls feel and now have the opportunity to show them ways to see the positive in themselves. We are so passionate about this contest because we are hoping to make a difference in these young girl’s lives”.

KYMARO®’s “Say Yes to the Prom Dress” contest will take place between April-June in five regions dependant on the winner’s locations. Contestants may enter to win on the Kymaro® facebook page at.
Anonymous said...

is this going for 2012 prom because i would love to enter

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