Hope for Women

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hope for Women is a Fair Trade Certified, eco friendly and sustainable company that sells Tagua bracelets and organic wildflower-pressed greetings cards made by disadvantaged craftswomen from around the world. The Indian line of cards is made with pressed Himalayan wildflowers, and the El Salvadorian collection shows the ultimate essence of female beauty and power with their “portraits of El Salvador” where each artist has a personal design, mirroring their personal images, hopes and dreams of their futures. The Tagua bracelets, also known as the “ivory of the rainforest” are made by and benefit native tribes in the Colombian rainforests.

Not only are these products beautiful, sustainable, good for the earth and native people, but they most importantly give them hope for their futures.

I received the Tagua Bracelet in Slate Gray and an assortment of the Portraits of El Salvador collection for this feature.
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