Swedish Hasbeens for H&M

Thursday, January 20, 2011

This spring, H&M is proud to be working with the cult shoe label Swedish Hasbeens to bring its wooden-soled style to the rest of the world. Available from April 20 in 150 stores worldwide, the three styles of wooden-soled clogs, made exclusively for H&M, are inspired by the traditional Swedish styles of the ’70s. Using handcrafted methods and environmentally friendly materials, Swedish Hasbeens are a perfect example of how fashion and fun can also be naturally sustainable.

“I love the genuine feeling you get from Hasbeens, from the wood and the leather, and also how they take something traditio­nal and Swedish and make it contemporary and modern. These Hasbeens for H&M fit perfectly with the ’70s bohemian look that’s so important this coming season,” says Ann-Sofie Johansson, H&M’s head of design.

“We believe very strongly in making better shoes for a better world. We want to make fashion more fun, creative and friendly to both the environment and people. And we have loved designing for H&M! It’s a fantastic opportunity to spread the idea of Hasbeens and make these shoes available to more people around the globe,” says Emy Blixt, founder and designer of Swedish Hasbeens.

For H&M, Swedish Hasbeens have created three wooden-soled styles, which will become wardrobe essentials this spring. For the most drama there’s the strappy wedge, with three buckle straps at the ankle and a progression of straps going over the foot, all sitting on a wooden wedge to give the gladiator look an unexpected twist. This wedge is available in three colors – cream or tan on a pale wooden wedge, or black on a black base. Then there’s the heeled summer sandal with one ankle strap; it comes in cream and red on a pale wooden base. And finally there’s a peep-toe slip-in wedge on a wooden sole, with snake-effect leather, which is laced on top. The shoes are available in sizes 36-40 and cost $59.95 to $69.95. All three styles are exclusive to H&M, making this one of spring’s must-haves as soon as they hit the stores!

Swedish Hasbeens was founded in 2007 by childhood friends Cilla WingĂ„rd Neuman and Emy Blixt and the shoes are now being sold in 22 countries. However, the story began in 2006 when Emy found 300 pairs of ’70s clogs, which she realized were ripe for revival. From there, she refashioned the simple wooden heel and leather upper to create a range of shoes with immediate appeal: as soon as you see them, you know they’re going to be fun to wear and comfortable, too. Hasbeens can now claim an international cult following, having been worn by the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker and Maggie Gyllenhaal, but they also have real soul, which comes from their history and the traditional methods still used to make them, including the use of natural materials.
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It’s an unbelievable chance to spread the idea of Hasbeens and make these shoes obtainable to more people around the sphere.

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