Salmon Cove Review

Monday, July 04, 2011

The idea for Salmon Cove spawned to create a fun, distinctive, confidence-inspiring clothing brand that would stand the test of time. The idea has led to a rapidly growing brand that keeps its roots grounded in the Midwest and continues to deliver sharp, timeless designs for you and your family.

We all have that one perfect shirt that never gets old. It can be worn on the golf course, in the office, or while out on the town. Like salmon that swim against the current to return to where they were born, Salmon Cove was founded on the idea that you can go home again. They make clothes to help you enjoy the journey, regardless of the current you are swimming against.

I received the Women's Black/Pink Short Sleeve Polo ($65) for myself and the Men's Polo ($65) for my boyfriend.

I was immediately drawn to their women's polos because of their simplicity and chicness. They're low-key and comfortable, yet they give women that fashionable look that most of us crave for. The pink cove collar lining adds an extra touch of femininity. It is 97% cotton enhanced with 3% spandex to provide the perfect amount of stretch while maintaining a comfortable, tailored fit. They have a Long Sleeve version ($76) that would be perfect for the cooler months. I also love the Pink/Light Green Short Sleeve Polo, Navy/Green Short Sleeve Polo , and Royal Short Sleeve Polo.

My boyfriend received the Men's Polo in Black. He loves wearing it to the office, because it gives him that clean, neat, and professional look. This tailored-fit men's polo is made of 100% imported cotton. Machine wash. For a relaxed fit and machine dry, be sure to go a size up. It's available in Black, Light Blue, Pink, Navy, and White.

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