Jamón Endiablado Tee Giveaway

Prize: One winner will receive the Boat Tee (a $32 value) and Birds Tank (a $30 value) from Jamón Endiablado.

Note: It is recommended that you go one size up since their clothing runs small. a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sign the Rafflecopter form above.

The project started with an idea. An idea that every person could wear a work of art during his/her daily activities.

All they needed then was an artist, someone who shared our passion for everyday expression and whose work spoke common emotions in an extraordinary way.

This is where Gerardo Vargas comes in and now that they found each other and started creating this label they would not have it any other way. His work on handmade silk screening is the perfect blend of stunning graphics and interesting character, the next step was to translate his images onto a different canvas: t-Shirts.

So their best wish is that you share this vision with them and rock your own Jamón Endiablado Tee because art makes everybody happy.

The giveaway will conclude on February 29th.


peniam said...

I really like this one: http://www.jamonendiablado.com/Heart-Women-s.html

4:04 PM
Anonymous said...

super, quiero mas informacion

4:11 PM
nightowl said...

I like the siren tank.

8:07 PM
Jules said...

I love the Crustacean and Hearts tops! :)

9:08 PM
Girlie Blogger said...

wow this tank is really cute.

12:36 AM
Becca said...

What a pretty design! I especially like the Leon shirt.

1:05 AM
Caitlin McClure said...

I like the Crustaceo shirt

11:07 AM
psnyder said...

Love the Heart Women's
!! grammypenny@frontier.com

7:30 PM
Crystal said...

I like the Venado shirt!

10:48 AM
Rebecca said...

I like the Crustaceo shirt.

rebecca.nvcl (at) gmail.com

2:40 PM
barkergirl33 said...

I like the Crustaceo womens blouse tee. barkergirl33@yahoo.com

5:02 PM
ShellieAndBrutus said...

I love the Ganesh shirt!
fatmeatloaf1 at gmail dot com

9:40 PM
dropastitch@yahoo.com said...


dropastitch at yahoo dot com

4:38 PM
Anonymous said...

Siren Tank!

5:55 PM
CathyH said...

Venado shirt is adorable!
cathyguitarteacher-77 at yahoo dot com

11:30 AM
PAIGE said...

I like the Leon tee.

1:34 PM
Katy said...

Great, fun tops! I love the Crustaceo shirt!

Thanks for the giveaway!!! :)

12:45 AM
Amy V said...

i like their 'venado' women's tee

annae07 at aol dot com

5:03 PM
Christina said...

Christina - xristya@rock.com - The Siren Tank!

12:07 AM
Chisum Crew said...

I like Heart Women's

Raffle Copter: happi shopr

1:51 PM
Heather said...

I LOVE the women's Ganesh shirt!

6:19 PM
Hoa said...

I like the Leon Women's T-Shirt Dress.


7:01 PM
mverno said...

i like the Avion Men's v-neck tee

12:26 PM
sandie333 said...

Venado tee is my pick

2:20 AM
danw78704 said...

twitted this today

9:53 AM
Isaiahsmom said...

I like the women's heart tee

3:04 PM
Just Add Walter said...

I love this: Venado T-shirt

thanks so much for the chance to win!


9:38 PM
riadeliza said...

I love the "Ganesh Women's"


12:23 PM
Melissa O. said...

Love El Crustaceo shirt for women

wolverina401 at gmail dot com

9:05 PM
one frugal lady said...

I love the heart women's tee!

9:33 AM
Erika M.U.F. said...

love this

12:06 PM
Hotsnotty2 said...

I love the Ganesh Women's tee


1:30 PM
Debbie Kennedy said...

I like Avion Men's shirt
cleaningrhouse at yahoo dot com

9:07 PM
Breanne said...

I like the Crustaceo Women

9:41 PM
elaine r said...

I like the Mens City Tshirt-my son would love the pattern.

Elaine R

11:08 PM
Karen said...

I like the crustaceon long sleeve tee. Thanks for the giveaway.

President dot peaches at hotmail dot com

10:10 AM
missrantsypants said...

I like the avion tee.

Melanie Montgomery

3:12 PM
kathy pease said...

i like the Crustaceo shirt

3:43 PM
Anonymous said...

Venado womans t-shirt.

3:46 PM

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