4 Must-Have Items to be Crowned Office Fashionist​a

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

4 Must-Have Items to be Crowned Office Fashionista

Tossing your old wardrobe isn’t the answer to starting fresh, whether looking for a new job or updating your current daily work attire for a confident new you this year. Early morning styling sessions would not be complete without must-have fashion staples, and I am not talking office supplies, that take your look to a whole new level. Here, Fashion Designer and Expert Claudia Patel provides four must-have items to compliment your personality and exude confidence at work; giving you just the right amount of sass to stand out from the crowd, yet professional enough to make it known that you are here to leave a mark.

Power Pumps

Lead your team with your best shoe forward— the perfect power pump. To draw the right amount of attention to your shoes, be sure to consider contrast when selecting your daily work attire. Go bold— but steer clear of loud patterns. Black is a sleek look for the office, but also experiment with hues. Bold colors are a great way to stand out, in a good way. Remember to always keep it professional.

Blazing Blazer

Corporate casual has a whole new meaning in the workplace, but dressing down does not mean walking away from your chic appeal. A statement jacket is that perfect piece to dress up your casual Friday look. Pair a slim fitting blazer with skinny jeans for a chic ensemble. Pair a solid colored dress with a bold jacket and make your outfit pop. Celebrate your femininity with flared skirts and dresses, in appropriate lengths complimented with a fitted jacket for a polished look at work. Take your look from day to night by removing your blazer for dinner and drinks after hours.

Pencil Skirt

A fitted pencil skirt brings confidence and femininity to your work wardrobe. Tuck in a simple conservative blouse to show off your curves elegantly. Make sure you wear heels to lengthen your legs for that perfect symmetry. Experiment with different hues, textures and complimentary colors to reflect your personal style. Pair a black pencil skirt with a bright top or vice versa.

Statement Bag

Structured statement bags are any career girl’s trump card. Big statement bags really pull your overall look together, whether you are going for chic and sophisticated to creative and fun. Pair a basic black power suit with a bright bold or patterned bag. Everything right down to the bag you carry to work needs to have some form of structure to look sleek and polished. Leave your cute hobo bag for the weekends. Invest in a large structured neutral bag that will compliment any outfit. Steer clear of glitter bags for the office. For a hint of sparkle, turn to jewelry instead.
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GlamorousMama said...

I love this post! I can't wear stuff like this anymore as a hairstylist! I love office wear like that!!


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