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Friday, December 07, 2012

A few months ago, I discussed about how music affects fashion since many designers find music as their most influential inspiration for their creations. Prior to that, I discussed how art and fashion can't live without one or the other. Music, fashion, and art are our daily elements that are intrinsically intertwined, even though they carry a different tune, design, and stroke. Trends in any art form (i.e. music, fashion, art) may come and go, but originality is timeless and unforgettable.

Picture Credit: Hal Horowitz
Picture Credit: Hal Horowitz

Nary Manivong, New York based fashion designer, has been faced with a few obstacles (i.e. broken childhood, homelessness, and the sometimes cruel, but very competitive world of fashion), yet they haven't deterred him from making his dream into a reality. I find his story to be interesting and inspiring, which is chronicled in his documentary, Dressed.

Manivong creates designs with his idea of a dream woman: one who is sophisticated, confident, and an eclectic music that expresses herself through the clothing that she wears.

He recently unveiled his Spring 2013 Collection at a Stoli party. His pieces have a vintage modern vibe that I find exquisitely elegant, feminine, and flattering.

Picture Credit: Hal Horowitz
Picture Credit: Hal Horowitz

ORGNL.TV Winners:

Art - Jake Stollery, Australia

Music - Nasty P, UK

Fashion - Lady J, USA

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