Green & Eco Fashion Tips from Celebrity Stylist Jacqueline Rezak

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Celebrity stylist Jacqueline Rezak recently worked with Kristin Cavallari for her Coco Eco magazine cover. With Kristin's newfound appreciation for living a more organic lifestyle after the birth of her son Camden, it was only natural Jacqueline opted to dress the star in green and vintage fashions for the shoot.

Below, Jacqueline gives her top tips for how to easily incorporate eco-friendly finds into your wardrobe:

How vintage and green fashions were used in the Coco Eco shoot?

Many people think the ONLY way to be eco friendly when it comes to your clothing is to buy items that are made out of earth friendly materials. While this is a great way to remain eco conscious when dressing, it is not the only way. When styling for Coco Eco, I wanted to make sure we mixed sustainable materials with vntage, "re-used" items. Re-using clothing and accessories is a great way to help the environment as it means many people can get use out of just one item- saving the earth from all of the harsh steps that go into making new clothing (i.e.: travel, energy, and more).

What to pair underneath?

When dressing in re-used or recycled clothing, the fabric is often "worn in". When this is the case you always want to have an undergarment on to make that area more flattering. Recycled materials bunch or can be slightly see through, in this case I would suggest something fitted, such as the AMIA Supreme Panty Shaper to help those problem areas. And because this shaper is seamless, it insures that you're both comfortable and confident with no visible garment lines.

How to get similar looks from the Coco Eco feature, what to buy:

Several of the items I used for this shoot came from online boutique Rad and Refined, where there is a large selection of incredible vintage pieces - including Chanel, Herve Leger and Manolo Blahnik. In addition, I love to mix items made of eco materials with these designer items - such as designer Lara Miller.

How to dress "green" - What to look for? How do you find those styles?

It is much easier to dress "green" then one may think. One big thing to look for when shopping is - where is your item manufactured (this by law must be printed on the care label). If it is "locally" made then there is no travel required, where as items made in China have to be brought to the United States - emitting horrible fumes into the environment and using energy that could be saved by buying locally made items. Another way to find a style that does not harm the environment is to shop vintage, when wearing these items - it is as if you are recycling, the best way to be eco friendly.

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