6 Things Every Woman Must Own

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Every woman, no matter who she is, where she lives, what she does or how old she is, needs certain essentials in life. Six of them to be precise, according to Melissa Kirsch, author of the new book " The Girl's Guide to Absolutely Everything ."

It's OK to splurge on these:

1. The little black dress
This is a must-have for every woman's closet. Pair it with a tailored jacket for work. Strip off that jacket and add a string of pearls or a diamond necklace and you're set for a night out on the town. Kirsch told The New York Post, "A little black dress is essential because it's a neutral dress, and because you can wear it so many ways no one can tell it's the same one."

2. The neutral-colored, two-inch heel
Did you know that the best color for shoes is one that matches your skin tone? Look for heels that are about two-inches high. Kirsch says neutral heels will not only make your outfits look better, but also make your legs appear longer.

3. The right bra
Every woman needs to wear a bra that will help her look her best and feel her best. "It's the easiest way to look like you've lost five pounds," Kirsch explained to the Post.

4. A colorful winter coat
When the temperatures drop, the wind howls and snow threatens, a colorful and warm winter coat is an essential. Kirsch warns against bulky or black coats. Any other color is fine. In winter, "your coat is your outfit," she says.

5. A practical bag
Every woman needs a purse. Kirsch's advice is to find one that holds a lot of stuff, is colorful and can transform any outfit. You don't need to spend a lot of money or get a designer bag. Just make sure it's nice and fun.

6. Sunscreen
Sunscreen is just as important as anything in your makeup kit. "It's part of your minimum cosmetic requirements," Kirsch told the Post. "Without sunscreen, you're going to end up looking like an old Gucci bag!"