Review: Goorin Brothers Shawna Fingerless Gloves

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Since 1895, four generations of Goorins have been advancing the art of hatmaking. Growing the business mainly by underground word of mouth, the Goorins have kept the artistic integrity of their products and the purity of their techniques intact by choosing not to mass market their wares. For over a century, each generation of Goorin brothers has elected instead to cater to individuals who are not swayed by trends, but inspired by timeless tradition and authentic quality. Because, at Goorin, they know style isn’t something you see in a magazine. It’s something you make on your own.

Goorin Brothers is bringing back the hat with vigor and purpose, appealing to a very special class in society. The New Royal Class, as Goorin sees it, is comprised of those creative, unique individuals found in every walk of life who blaze their own trails. These original thinkers thrive in an atmosphere of underground inspiration and want a hat that will help them express their distinctive spirit. Wear anything from the Goorin collection and you can tell your story without ever having to say a word.

Like you, perhaps, a Goorin is full of contradictions: It is timeless and timely, grounded and groundbreaking. Rooted in tradition, yet calling for change. You are defined by the accessory you wear.

Review: I received the Goorin Brothers Shawna Fingerless Gloves ($23) from Anonymous Venice. I've never been the type to get into regular gloves, because I like my fingers to be free. So I was very pleased when they started making fingerless gloves. They keep my hands and fingers warm enough to write with. These gloves are snug and are very beautiful with a floral embroidery. This particular style is available in black with white floral embroidery and blue with grey floral embroidery. You might be interested in the Goorin Brothers Flashdance Armwarmers in gray or crea ($20) if you're looking for extra warmth and comfort.