Review: Ribbed Tee

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Review: We received the Long V-Neck Top in Pink ($24.50 for package of 2). I love how comfortable these tees are! They provide comfort without sacrificing your femininity as they're very chic and stylish. They can be worn underneath a shirt that risks exposing "Too Much Information" or they can just be worn alone. Say goodbye to those embarrassing moments of "plumber's butt". As an added feature, RibbedTee V-neck tops are made extra long to stay in place (on your hips) and keep from riding up your body when sitting down or bending over. I love the fact that they're form-fitting and not bulky like a lot of long shirts are. These tees can be ordered in Pink, Black or White. Since the tops run large, they suggest that you order a size smaller.