Fashion Consultant Offers Closet Cleansing Tips

Friday, May 22, 2009

Alegra Torel, international fashion consultant. Whether you are in the market to update your current wardrobe, or you are transitioning your clothes for the next season, Alegra is the girl you’ve been waiting for. With extensive worldly experience in fashion, image and beauty consulting, Alegra will help you transform and update your closet into a brand new place. During this process, she will reveal her secrets on how to manage your wardrobe so that it works for you. Below are some of her basic steps to mend one fashion faux pas at a time.

4 Easy Steps to a Sucessful Closet Makeover

1. Don’t do it alone... This is the first rule and the most important one to keep. Even the best of us have bias/distorted vision. Our wardrobes are our past time. Our entire history is kept behind those doors and re-living your past should not be done alone.

· Call over your trusted friend (or your stylist) to offer a second opinion. The colors may be fantastic and the design superb, but maybe the back doesn’t look as good as the front and you just didn’t examine the piece of clothing when you were in a shopping frenzy.

2. Organization is key... Closets should really be organized by season and level of dress.

· Buy containers and air tight packs that you can easily store clothing. The level of attire is rather pertinent also. Keep your “going out” clothing to the left and my day time clothing to the right. Everything must be separated so it is not a struggle in the mornings or the evenings when you are rushing to get ready. Then I would even further separate as to weekends and weekdays-work/play...This is where the “trying on” section begins.

3. Let Go!...If it hasn’t been worn in 6 months you need to let it go – “goodwill it.”

· When you are going through your clothing to separate the pieces into sections, you will begin to find pieces you haven’t worn in ages, even some you have never worn before. It’s okay to let go! This is the longest section of the closet cleanse. It is time consuming going piece by piece and realizing that you don’t really own any key pieces and now your wondering how you managed to get dressed all these years without them.

4. Shop & Replace…

· Now that you have successfully accessed your stock, it is time to replace the old with the new. Shop for the key staple pieces only. ONLY. And slowly, now that you have the basic tools, begin to BUILD your wardrobe.