Review: Tano Jewelry

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

TanoJewelry, the most affordable online boutique for Fashion Jewelry, Headbands and Wholesale Fashion Jewelry. Their mission in life is to provide their shopping fashionistas with the latest celebrity inspired fashion jewelry. Over the past10 years, celebrity fashion jewelry has found its niche in Hollywood and the Fashion World. Cost conscious fashionistas are popping up everywhere and why not? Women can look beautiful in similar fashion jewelry that celebrities are wearing for a tenth of the price. We don’t need our personal stylist or a thousand dollar bankroll to look amazing.

What started as a few gifts for family and friends has developed into the successful business of enabling TanoJewelry's
clients to look stunning everyday. After returning from a trip around the world, the wonderful reactions displayed by those they care about moved Sam Shefrin to start this entirely new shopping experience. They are focused on enabling us to feel
and look striking in everything we wear.

TanoJewelry is allowing me to quickly become a hot commodity in the fashion world with this Feather Headband. If runway models to celebrities are rocking feather headbands worldwide, why can't I? Fashionista, Nicole Ritchie, rocks headbands very well. You can be your own fashion icon with the latest celebrity headbands at TanoJewelry. The Feather Headband is
much cheaper than other stores such as Bebe and Urban Outfitters that sell them for $24 - $50. It sells for just $14.99!

When the Gold Coins Necklace and Earring Set first came in I was put off a little by the length of the earrings since I like my earrings longer, but I still looked hot with this elegant and sexy Gold Coins Necklace and Earring Set. You won't need to break your bank since it can be bought for $19.99.
Unknown said...

headband is adorable!!