Review: Apple & Bee

Saturday, November 14, 2009

You've seen and heard, Apple & Bee has been featured in publications such as Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire. Their aim is to make the most beautiful cosmetic, travel and baby bags without harming the environment. They use the finest materials such as certified organic cotton, bamboo silk, help, burlap/calico and genuine leather since they've built their bags to last, they wouldn't mind the plant being around for a while longer too.

Apple & Bee supports The Bee Foundation, a non-profit organization established by Apple & Bee to help raise money and awareness of Colony Collapse Disorder. At present honey bees around the world are dying and no really knows why. There are various possible causes currently being researched. Australian bees have yet to be effected.

Honey bees support a large proportion of the world's food crops and without them our fragile ecosystem could easily be upset.

Chic and sweet, the eye-catching Apple & Bee Bowling Bag in Delicious Grass Green will tempt anyone with it's juicy details. The quality of this bag is superb. Even Snow White would approve!

The outer bag is made with organic cotton and features unique Apple & Bee Designs. It includes a water proof lining to prevent leaky product disasters. There are two inside pockets to store small make up items so you won't lose anything. The handles are made with genuine leather.

This handbag is also available in Japan Black, Japan Silver, Delicious Almost Black, Turtle Dove Pink, Turtle Dove Red or Turtle Dove Ivory.

Each bag comes with a dust bag that will help protect your bag!

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Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Those bags are so cute. And for a good cause too. Great post!