Save Time, Look Amazing

Thursday, October 08, 2009

By Alison Craig of 3 Impressions

Wouldn’t you love to grab something out of your closet every morning when you’re barely awake, and know you’ll go out looking amazing? Alison Craig of 3 Impressions does makeovers of both personal image and office design, and she also teaches us how to put your wardrobe together so ingeniously that all the planning is done, and you just grab one of your fabulous outfits and go.

First, edit your wardrobe so that your closet only holds items that you use at least once every six months. This minimizes those “My closet is full, but I have nothing to wear” moments.

Next make your closet Idiot Proof! Do what your little girls do: invite a girlfriend over, have some fun, and play dress-up. Take your existing clothes and accessories, and spend a few hours to mix and match them into wonderful outfits. Take photos and notes of all the combinations.

I teach people to create an Idiot-Proof Guide so that when you barely have time to change out of your PJs in your rush to work, you will look as amazingly sharp and refined as any day when you had more time. You did think about what to wear; you just thought about it well in advance.

That advance planning will make every following day of your life less stressful. Less stress and look amazing every day. Who wouldn’t want that?