Review: Stiruppz

Friday, January 15, 2010

Stiruppz ($25) is a comfortable, stylish accessory that will keep your pants securely tucked into your boots, and does a fine job at that! They will keep your jeans in place and let you move freely. They are very easy to clip on and will not damage your clothing. Adios to bunchy knees, pushing and retucking, rubber bands around your ankles and socks over your jeans! Overall, I'm very pleased with Stiruppz. I was a bit taken back by one negative review since I believe this is a great product. I wish I had these when I was attempting this style and had to go on a date. I remember having to push and retuck throughout the date - embarrassing! So kudos to Stiruppz for this new, innovative product.

How to Use: Stiruppz work best when jeans are cuffed. Simply cuff and fold your jeans to the desired length and clip on your Stiruppz. One size fits everyone.

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