Bird Call Style Guide

Monday, May 31, 2010

Chic-adee Maxi Dress $74.99

Bird in Nest Headband $24
Available in Pink or Gold

Lili Swan Filigree and Swallow Bracelet with Pearls $26

Revamp Boutique Bird Cage Dress $300

Flying Dreams Earrings in Gold $14

Lyane Lind Eco Friendly Hitchcock Bird Blouse Silk $85

HOLA POR QUE Birds Dress $5
Available in Red or Blue

Dustie Doll Clothing The New Vaudevillian Dress $104.99

Great Expectations Verdigris Cupid and Flying Bird Charms with Antique Brass Pendant and Chain $24

LyaneLind Eco Friendly Bird Attack Silk Mini Dress $145

Trophy Clothing Custom Birds of a Feather Dress $250

Sweet Peaz Handmade Jewelry Golden Feather Adjustable Gold Ring $7
Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...

that bracelet is hot! and only $5 for that hola por que dress? awesome.

House of Onika said...

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Thanks a lot!

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