Wedding Bells and Pregnancy

Friday, July 09, 2010

Strut Your stuff!

You’ve got some new curves and additional boobage, so now is the time to accentuate your assets! When picking a dress for the event, look for shapes that will separate your boobs from your belly so it is obvious that you have a “bun in the oven” and not just a beer gut.

If you want to wear something loose , go for a dress that has a form fitting top and a flowy bottom like the chiffon sweetheart dress from Fierce Mamas by Christian Siriano - you will look ethereal but will still feel comfy!

If you are feeling super body confident, flaunt what your mama gave ya and go for a tight fitting silhouette-a la Heidi Klum. Beware; you might look so hot that all of the attention will be on you instead of the bride!

Nobody Puts “Baby” in the Corner!

No need to stay seated when the “Electric Slide” comes on! Get down and boogie with the rest of them with these tips in mind:

• Make sure that you’re wearing comfy shoes or slip them off completely and show off your twinkle toes.

• When you’re on the dance floor, leave some space around you so your bump doesn’t get “bumped” by people who are flailing their arms or have had a few too many drinks.

Eat, Drink and Be Merry!

You lucky duck- since you are pregnant, you won’t get the stare down when you grab extra apps or desserts! However, there are certain items that you should steer clear of when you are eating for two- some are more obvious than others.

Alcohol is an obvi - drinking alcoholic beverages when preggers is a no-no, but feel free to fool everyone and get a virgin version of your usual standby - pina coladas and tonic with a splash of cranberry taste just as good without the extra kick.

Sushi is yummy, but not good for your tummy - steer clear of raw fish at this time!

Hands Off!

Weddings are prime time for stranger belly touching. While some don’t mind this normally, a greasy hand on a nice dress is not palatable for anyone. Here are a few fun, sassy ways to solve this dilemma:

• Sew a “Hands Off” sign onto your dress that goes across your belly

• Ask the stranger, “want to touch my butt too?”- Hopefully this will make them feel awkward enough to get the idea or you might end up with a “love tap”.

• Smile, and put your hand over your belly as they go in for the kill- then say, “My stomach is being weird and gurgly so I am embarrassed to let you touch it right now…”, while speaking slowly release some gas and then meekly say, “Sorry…” Voila- you are your own repellent!