BB Becker Review

Sunday, August 08, 2010

BB Becker developed an early fascination with ancient cultures and a love of art while attending City As School, an alternative high school program in New York City for promising, disadvantaged youth. In addition to traditional classes at local colleges, the curriculum offered unorthodox educational opportunities.

BB’s first course in sculpture instilled a fondness for organic materials and the beauty of classic lines. Numerous internships at public agencies including the Museum of Modern Art, the Brooklyn Museum, and the New York Public Library created his desire to travel for more than a decade visiting the great museums of the world and many ancient sites. As BB studied the repeating themes of antiquities and hieroglyphic scripts he developed an appreciation for the efforts of humanity over the ages to communicate through words and images chiseled on hard surfaces. His observations led him to believe that the great faith traditions share a universal oneness and that humankind has a compelling need to leave a permanent record of its belief system.

The first step in design for BB is the gathering of quotations that offer inspiration, comfort, or wisdom. Next, BB’s wife, Josephine, writes the quote and he carries it in his pocket, close enough to ponder until he has created the design that will be its resting place. Each piece illustrates his devotion to quality workmanship, long-lasting beauty, and the power of words.

BB Becker lives and works in beautiful Colorado where he continues to teach Tai Chi, ride his bike, and collect vintage watches.

I chose the "The Greatest" Sterling Silver Dual Ring ($158) since it has one of my favorite biblical scriptures engraved on it:

These three remain: Faith, Hope and Love. But the greatest of these is Love.

1st Corinthians

I've already received several compliments on my ring, even from male friends. The ring is beautifully engraved in his wife's elegant and distinctive handwriting to add a personal touch rather than in block letters or a regimented font. It is simplistic in design, yet bold enough to make a unforgettable, fashionable and inspiring statement. I wouldn't dream of taking it off, because I love the ring and the meaning behind it. It is the kind of piece that I will treasure for years to come. You will admire this ring even if you're not a Christian, because I believe that this profound and uplifting scripture can benefit us all.

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