muichic Review

Thursday, August 19, 2010

muichic (moo·ee·sheek) is deliciously natural, sustainable and organic jewelry designed & handmade in Colombia.

Tagua is their raw material. All of their pieces are made by hand from "tagua nut". The tagua nut, a botanical alternative to ivory (vegetable ivory), is a seed that comes from the ivory-nut palm or tagua palm which grows in the humid tropical forest of South America. Its use stimulates the local economies in the region providing an alternative to cutting down rain forests for farming.

Unique accessories that are environmentally friendly and gracefully chic make up their natural bijoux collection - bold, playful and colorful goodness for your body. All of their pieces come in different colors and like snowflakes they all differ from one another. Each tagua nut has its own distinctive grain and shape which gives a remarkably uncommon quality to each piece of jewelry

I received the Tagua Necklace in Natural ($28). The necklace is simplistic in design, but has enough attitude to stand out amongst the crowd. It features an ultra thin stainless steel wire that wraps around the neck and a single whole nut hanging. Wallflowers should steer clear from this necklace if they don't want all eyes on them. An introduction is unnecessary for a woman that is brave enough to wear this necklace. Opt for the Turquoise or Black if you want to make a bolder statement.

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