The Civilian Press Review

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

As a concept in 2007 the launch of the Civilian Press is far from an overnight project. Artist Anthony Gonzales (aka tonymash) has been weaving through the Orange County art & music scene for over a decade. Developing designs and brands for clothing companies, boutiques, record labels, album covers, corporate branding, and major music events such as hootenanny and an artwork collaboration of Kat Von D for the first annual MUSINK music and tattoo festival 2008. Looking for an outlet for his own vision and expression, The Civilian Press was born. Attracting a broad range of fans with sensual designs in hand with Dia De Los Muertos elements, The Civilian Press appeals to the alternative crowd, just as much as it has been welcomed by the urban and artisan groups. Now with the decision to go all organic with the tee shirt line and being more conscious about environmental impacts of the clothing industry, The Civilian Press is geared up to outfit the Eco-Fashion do-gooders as well.

Tonymash generously sent me the Womens Fatima 100% Organic Cotton Tee ($25) with a special hand-cut (neck and back; $10). This beautifully illustrated and tattoo worthy tee is drop dead gorgeous! The hand-cut in the back makes it even sexier, which is a great way to show off your collar bone, tattoos, and / or shoulder blades. This tee is perfect for pin-up lovers such as myself. Plus, the sensational design makes it super fun to wear since it is a attention getter. Angelic and ethereal as it may be, this is definitely a tee you wouldn't want to wear to church!

Note: Cut(s) will be added to shirt(s) specified in your notes during check out (if you ordered more than one). Be sure to add the correct amount of cuts in your cart, $10 per shirt.

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