Hot Magnets Review

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Instead of buying a new dress or a pair of shoes, you can instantly transform your current dress or shoes with the most sophisticated and stylish accessory, Hot Magnets. It truly is the ultimate accessory for your accessories! You don't have to worry about ruining your favorite dress with pin holes since Hot Magnets has a slim, yet powerful magnet that will pull your look together without pins, clips, or fuss! You can even use Hot Magnets on handbags, hats, or anything that is your closet. And when you are not out about, you can also use Hot Magnets to bedazzle your refrigerator!

I received the Hot Magnets (2 per pack, $19.50) in Jet Black and Graphite Grey. So far, I've used them on my Secret Suede Stiletto Platform Pumps by Liliana ($15.99 at Inject the Venom) and it's like having another pair of shoes! It isn't a fuss at all to put them on.

Hot Magnets would make a perfect and stylish wedding favor. They will also make you stand out at any upcoming party.

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