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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Speights & Faron searches for French brands and products "en vogue" and helps you discover new trendy designers. Cyril Faron and Clément Perrin-Speights both French, will share and bring to you their discoveries made on European fairs.

After starting from scratch at La Marelle, and helping establishing it as a powerhouse in Europe over the three years they have worked for it. Now they are out to a new challenge: Bring La Marelle to Northern America, as well as other artists, designers and brands that they met along the way.

These valisettes (what they would call them in France) or lunch boxes ($70) are beautifully illustrated by Adolie Day for La Marelle. Adolie Day is a young French artist. In addition to her stunningly beautiful illustrations, she’s also a textile designer for children’s fashion, which clearly has an influence on her choice of color and texture.

These lunch boxes are made of thick and sturdy cardboard, which makes them perfect to take for lunch or a picnic. French designer Mlle Heloise uses her lunch boxes ($70) to store her jewelry and sewing kit. Therefore, they are not just to be used for their intended purpose.

The Magnet "Rose Souviens Toi" by Nathalie Lete ($12) isn't your ordinary fridge magnet. It is beautifully illustrated and features Souviens Toi (Remember) on the top. You can find more magnets from this artist here. I also love the Magnet "La Vie En Couleur" by Nathalie Lete ($12) and Magnet "Mon Tresor" by Nathalie Lete ($10).

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Mirrors by Llor $12.90

Earings Mijn Schatje $23

Necklace "My Precious" from Adolie Day $25.90

"Grand" Notebook by Mijn Schatje $37

Ring Mijn Schatje $23

Click here to learn more about the artists behind these creations.

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Penelope said...

Wow, the lunch boxes are astoundingly beautiful! Thanks for this review, I never would have heard of these designs otherwise or Speights and Faron.

Anonymous said...

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Stefani @ MommyEnterprises.com said...

The lunch boxes look really neat!

Shannon said...

Gorgeous items... Love the notebook

Dawn said...

I absolutely love her designs. I carry a notebook with me everywhere and I would love to have one that was a beautiful work of art.