Exposed Envy Review

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Exposed Envy is dedicated to providing women with clever and creative ways to look and feel beautiful! They have an extraordinary line of glamorous rhinestone bra straps, beaded bra straps, fun sassy straps, and casual every day bra straps! They offer the ultimate line of bra accessories and are dedicated to quality and style. Their suppliers have been carefully chosen, quality has been tested and improved, and design has been thoughtfully selected and executed. As a result, they have the highest quality as well as both chic and versatile designs available. They even took it a step further and manufactured a line of coordinating bracelets so woman can really make a statement! Additionally, please sign up for their email newsletter, "like" them Facebook, and follow them on Twitter so you will be aware of beautiful new products and promotions.

The Jet Black Rhinestone and Dark Silver Bra Straps ($36) is one of their most versatile bra accessories. I love this concept, because I wear a lot of tank tops with skinny straps and strapless tops (and dresses). It is great way to spice up anything that is strapless, but definitely ideal for those tank tops that show off your regular bra straps, which can be a bit tacky. Their decorative bra straps will make you feel feminine, fashion-forward, sexy, and confident!

Just attach the Jet Black Rhinestone and Dark Silver Bra Straps (they seemingly have endless styles) to any strapless bra and convertible bra, or convert your favorite bra with a simple needle and thread. All rhinestone bra straps are fully adjustable.

I also received their Contemporary Stunning Jet Black Rhinestone and Dark Silver Bracelet ($23), which matches the Jet Black Rhinestone and Dark Silver Bra Straps perfectly. It encompasses sophistication, glamour, and style. It will add drama to any outfit without causing a havoc! The color stones and metals have been carefully selected so this bracelet is meant to be a vogue fashion statement! Multiple rows of rhinestones and silver measure 1-1/2 inches in diameter with a fold over clasp.

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