YMI Jeans Review

Sunday, April 03, 2011

YMI appeals to girls and young women who are youthful, confident, vibrant and fashionable and express themselves through what they wear. With this in mind, the YMI design team creates products that flatter virtually everybody. They travel to the fashion capitals of the world to ensure that YMI continues to offer the finest fabrics, materials, finishes and style. Inspired by the trends seen on the fashion runways in Paris and Milan to the smallest shops in London, YMI creates some of the most unique junior/young contemporary clothing available.

The 5 Pocket Thick Stitch Shorts ($38) and the Denim Belted Shorts with Saddle Stitch Front Pockets ($38) have become my two favorite denim pieces. Honestly, I never got into shorts prior to this, but these have to be the most comfortable and flattering shorts I've ever worn. I never got into shorts, because I could never find any that were flattering enough. This deepens my long-time love for this brand, because they come out with the most stylish and flattering pieces! I love that they're also true to their word when it comes to size. This takes all of the guesswork and makes shopping online stress free. Pictures cannot do any favors for these pieces since it would be hard to appreciate the quality and excellence they put into creating them. Their line is made with such high quality and care that you'd almost expect to spend more.

Jeans don't come much cuter than the Classic Flare Jeans ($38), because you get the whole package at a price that is hard to beat. I find them to be fun, comfortable, flirty, sassy, and classy! I can see myself wearing these jeans season to season since this style is timeless. They're so easy to style and they look flattering on most body types. These are what I call my ultimate feel good jeans, because they're a definite confident booster.

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Liz Mays said...

Confidence boosting is GOOD!!! Very cute!

Janine @ Alternative Housewife said...

I love YMI! I thought it looked like a teenybopper sorta brand but won a pair and I love them. Can't wait til they fit again! ;)

Custom promotional Items said...

Wow! great shorts, Thanks for sharing