Calypso Studios Inc. Review

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Calypso Studios debuted in January 2007 with a line of jewelry and accessories created from the earth's natural elements: clay, shell and glass. The new line was immediately embraced and praised for the unique designs and mediums. The designs are on-trend and span the ages in both technique and the persons choosing these distinctive and exclusive designs. More than a conversation piece,Calypso Studios jewelry symbolizes good taste for an independent spirit. It is our hope that this art will bring much pleasure to who wear it. Calypso Studios jewelry indeed serves to commemorate life’s happy moments.

I received a Lemonade Carnival Bracelet ($10) and Purple Glass Bead Wrap Bracelet ($12.50), which are two fun and vibrant pieces to accessorize with! The colors make them perfect for Spring and Summer outfits. Calypso Studios has an extensive collection of more jewelry like this. Plus, they're budget friendly, which proves that you don't always have to break the bank to have fun and beautiful jewelry. I also love the Black Shell/White Pearl Elizabeth Bracelet ($10), Turquoise Stone Ring ($7.50), Coral Stone Necklace ($25), and the Forever, Love, an Mom Bracelet ($10).

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