Ms. MaryMac Shoes Review

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ms. MaryMac puts the “Lover” back in “Shoe Lover”. These shoes embody individuality and free-spiritedness that is expressed though the many colors, textures, patterns, and materials used in each hand-designed shoe.

A shoe lover’s love is as loyal as any other love, and Ms. MaryMac’s have been designed for those that dare to be rare. With over 100 different styles of shoes and counting we plan to make a bold statement with what we have to offer the world.

With one of a kind shoes available and others that you will only find 3 pairs of ever, who can argue with what we call our “MAC” factor! Each shoe comes with its own personal name, some times named after its recipient. The signature bows and ribbons bring a sense of girlishness to the shoes, appealing to a woman of any age.

That's not all! If you want a custom shoe you partake in its designing! You will have the opportunity to explore ideas with the shoemaker herself or just let her creative juices flow on their own into what can be called a “walk of art.” Either way, you will fall shamelessly in love with every facet of your shoes. Explore all sides of fun, fashion, color, and femininity in a pair Ms. MaryMac’s.

I love that Ms. MaryMac offers one-of-a-kind shoes, because I thrive on being unique, original, and fashion-forward. The Tange shoes that I selected are undeniably daring and stunning. The colors make it perfect for summer and I'm slightly giddy with delight, knowing for a fact that I will be the only woman world donning these shoes! It's no denying that the designer is a creative genius, because she has a miraculous eye for details that will instantly captivate anyone's attention. Plus, you get haute couture quality mixed with comfort. It doesn't get any better than that!

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