Farrah Fawcett Immortalized as a Barbie Doll

Friday, July 29, 2011

Barbie Collector Farrah Fawcett Doll ($39.95): Farrah Fawcett, an American icon and world famous for her classic red bathing suit from the iconic 1976 poster. The Farrah Fawcett Black Label Barbie Collection doll depicts the late actress wearing her red swimsuit and gold necklace, mimicking that iconic poster, which sold more than 12 million copies. A must have favorite for any Barbie Collector.
Ashleigh Duncan said...

Wow thats amazing! I love Barbie - I'm sure this doll will be a sell out.



Crafts And Activities For Kids said...

That is totally cool, looks just like her too!

Christina said...

Wow - she looks just like her. Following you on GFC from the Follow Me Friday Alexa Hop.

Olivia said...

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Lisa Weidknecht said...

Thanks for joining in the Planet Weidknecht Weekend Hop! I hope you'll come visit again next weekend.

XOXO, Michelle said...

Wow. that really looks like her too!

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