The Style Aquatic Collection

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Whatever Suits You

Your precious style and refined tastes dominate every ensemble you wear - even when you're on vacation! You figure a day at the beach is as good of an opportunity as any to show off your enthusiasm for flattering silhouettes and fetching footwear. Modeling a delicately dotted A-line skirt over your glamorously retro bikini, and carrying your red-hot heels in one hand, you exhibit beach-chic style at its finest as you tread toward the ocean.

Bathing Beauty Two Piece in Emerald, $89.99
Bathing Beauty Two Piece in Emerald - Plus Size , Was $89.99 Now $79.99
Gladiolus to Meet You Skirt, $72.99
Crimson and Bow-ver Heel , $47.99
Brolly Time Necklace , $19.99
Shade-y Lady Sunglasses , $11.99

Lively Bubbles

Effervescent, they rise, compelled to break through the water's surface in record time. Your kicking legs stir and multiply them, until the depths are filled with the rocketing orbs, echoing the retro print on your ruffle-trimmed bottoms. And then, you rest. The pool is lulled into a sweet stillness, and there you stand in your white halter top, appearing like a vision ascending from the deep to sunbathing onlookers.

Bathing Beauty Two Piece in White, $89.99
Bow Tide Swimsuit Bottom , $59.99
Today's News Heel in Black , $64.99
For You, Anything Ring , $9.99
New Pal Sunglasses , $11.99

Just Swimmingly

Nothing, no, nothing, can bring you down! Your mood is soaring as high as the gulls winging overhead, and perhaps it has to do with the fact that you have nothing to do today but relax at the beach. But you think your fabulous outfit might also be responsible for just how splendid you feel. Stretched out over your towel in a rosette-adorned bikini and a lacy caramel cardi, you reach into your oversized tote to pull out the latest issue of your fave fashion mag and a tube of sunscreen so you can reapply.

Bathing Beauty Two Piece in Rosebud , $89.99
Bathing Beauty Two Piece in Rosebud - Plus Size , $89.99
Singing Love Stories Sweater , $49.99
Matinee Marathon Sandal , $32.99
Wandering Westward Shoulder Bag , $54.99
Plume of One's Own Bracelet , $15.99
Sensing a Pattern Bracelet , $25.99

Dive Right In

Your best gal pal didn't have to ask you twice to join her for a weekend at her beach house. Packing your go-to bathing suit - a fabulously flattering one piece - along with a pair of floral flats, a sweet sundress, and some fresh, fashionable accessories, you figure you have your bases covered, from morning swimming and afternoon lounging, to dinner at the local bistro.

Beach Blanket Bingo One Piece in Red , $89.99
Beach Blanket Bingo One Piece in Red - Plus-Size , $89.99
Kentucky Blue Dress , $79.99
Studio Tour Sneaker , $44.99
Wait and Seabird Makeup Bag , $29.99
Goldstone Throne Necklace , $16.99
Make a State-mint Headband, $13.99

Basking Beauty

An afternoon of splashing, delighted shrieking, and some serious swimming has left you all but exhausted, with a bad case of fun overload. It's time to let yourself unwind, so you leave the ocean's warm waters, wringing out the skirt of your sweet, ladylike suit as you walk. You locate your strappy sandals on the beach, just where you left them, and slip them on to protect your tootsies from the toasty sand before taking off toward a palm-shaded hammock that hangs picturesquely in the distance.

Pool Party Perfect One Piece in Plum Posy , $89.99
Weave Me in Paradise Wedge , $64.99
Tropical Conversation Necklace , $37.99
Blossoming Romance Bracelet , $29.99