Wearing White in the Summer

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

One of the biggest fashion conundrums for women everywhere is how to wear white properly. Wear it the wrong way, and it can be unflattering; wear it the right way, and you’ll have yourself wondering why white isn’t your go-to color! Below, Haesu Kwon, designer of Tamasha Knit, shares her favorite white options for summer and how to wear them well.

Oversized Chic

While some oversized white sweaters can appear boxy and hide the figure of the woman underneath, this piece from Tamasha’s spring and summer 2012 collection feature delicate black piping that acts as a streamlining agent, slimming the overall look significantly. During summer, pair these with white or black shorts and a wedge heel for a put-together yet sporty feel.

Bottoms Up

How does someone who isn’t model-thin pull off white jeans? It can be difficult, but any fashionista knows that as long as you have the fit nailed, you can wear any style you desire. For curvier girls, choose a shaped waistband that is longer in the front than in the back, keep the front of the pant uncomplicated, and go for boot cut as the most flattering choice. Keep your top basic, and add a colorful pump to make your casual outfit worthy of a night out. And what about the infamous undergarment issue? Stick with nude shades when wearing any white bottoms.

Pop of Color

Can you wear all white? Of course, you can – as long as you throw in a pop of color! Wearing white pants and a white top may seem boring; but there is nothing chicer than a natural-hued outfit topped off with one bright item. Pairing an all-white look with a vibrant blazer or cardigan will make your look stand out. If you’re going for a head-to-toe white style, throw in some show-stopping accessories, like colored shoes or a bright bag to increase your fabulous factor.

Dress It Up

While some people don’t realize, there are certainly different shades of white, and it’s important to choose one that complements your skin tone; especially when it comes to a dress. Women with cool skin tones look great in bright white, while those with warmer tones should opt for just off-white. Another important dress tip: examine your dress in a well-lit area to ensure that it is not see-through, and wear undergarments that match your skin’s color.