Cure High-Heel Hangover for Good with IOMA Paris

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Introducing the all new superstar skincare product to cure sore, tired legs from their high heel hangover in time for Fashion Week! Sold exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue, the IOMA Paris’ Soothing Gel for Legs refreshes and relieves even the heaviest feeling legs – instantly!

For legs that are as light as a feather after rocking the season’s hottest heels, this gel texture is easy to apply and provides a refreshing, long-lasting effect.

The Soothing Gel for Legs features PHYTONINE and MENTHOL for proven results. This unique blend of biotechnology and botanical active ingredients promises to:

· Boost microcirculation

· Strengthen vein walls

· Provide instant, long-lasting coolness
Anonymous said...

This sounds great. I have a hard time in heels, or did after having my boys. I really want to start wearing them again.