Traveling in Comfort and in Style

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

If you’re traveling to a different state to spend the holidays with your family, isn’t it nice to feel comfortable and be in style simultaneously? If you’d like to improve your travel style because you’re currently not satisfied with your existing style, why don’t you go ahead and take a page from the celebrity handbook. Hold your travel outfits to the same standard as your work outfits and look incredible. Whether you’re looking for glamorous sweats or going for the comfy and chic route with True Religion jeans, don’t worry because soon you’ll discover your own travel inspiration so that you can look incredible next time you travel.

A Striped Sweater and Boyfriend Jeans

Be calm and collected yet incredibly fashion forward by wearing a trendy striped sweater and boyfriend jeans. This outfit will keep you warm and you’ll still be on-trend. To add to this staple wear a pair of boots or flats, which are ideal if you’d like to easily slip your shoes off at security check point. Roll the bottom part of your jeans up to add even more style to your ensemble. For your hair you can wear it down or in a pony tail to go with this polished look.

Perfectly Monochrome

Sometimes it’s nice to blend in with the crowd at an airport and still look very polished and put together. Put together a monochrome outfit that’s chic and very comfortable. Denim jeans paired with a deep blue shirt will look effortlessly chic and if you’re in a rush to make it to Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner you can simply add a black necklace or a pair of heels. A simple look can turn classy in just a matter of minutes if you add the right accessories to the ensemble.

A Simple Black Ensemble with a Pop of Color

If you like the idea of a monochrome outfit but you still crave a little bit of color, why not wear a black ensemble with a floral shirt underneath. That way you still can wear black separates but add just a touch of color. A bright blouse would also look great with a floppy hat, but you don’t want to wear a hat at the airport. Put it in your carry on and put it on after you arrive for a effortlessly chic appearance.

DITTO Eyewear Giveaway

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

DITTO™ is an e-commerce site for designer eyewear with a unique virtual try-on technology. You can shop without ever leaving your house! if you are looking for style, fashion and convenience in eyewear, you must shop here!

You can shop sunglasses or optical glasses. If you would like for them to make you a pair of glasses with your prescription, you just need an up-to-date prescription. For legal reasons, they have to verify all prescriptions that they fill.

DITTO™ was founded to answer the biggest question people have when shopping online: Does it fit? Also, A DITTO™ is a video of your face they record from your webcam so you can virtually try on eyewear to see how they fit and look on you in 180 degree views before you buy them from the site! There are so many advantages to creating a DITTO™ when purchasing eyewear - a big one being that you can shop from the comfort of your own home and can actually see yourself wearing the glasses that you like. Also, you can share your DITTO™ with friends for style advice or post it to social media.


Elizabeth and James Kenzie, Was $215 Now $150

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Elizabeth and James Centinela, $180

Elizabeth and James Gramercy, $215

Anglo American Model 180 E, $203

Fashion Fling Giveaway

Three winners will receive a $200 gift certificate to buy any pair of glasses or sunglasses at DITTO Eyewear. The giveaway will conclude on October 15th. Double your chances by entering at To the Motherhood, too. Six winners in all!

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Quick Tips to Creating a Winning Workout Outfit

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Tired of drab black workout outfits that have absolutely no style? Your workout wardrobe does not have to suffer just because you happen to love a sleek black wardrobe. All it takes are a few items of clothing to add some much needed style and color to your basic workout wardrobe. You can wear women’s running clothes during your next run that will make you feel fabulous and fierce. It’s important to wear what you are comfortable in, but don’t be afraid to implement some color too!

Look for Something with a Bold Print

Sweaty Betty offers trendy workout tops that still are mainly black but add in the perfect amount of color. In addition to finding a bold print with the right amount of color, a workout top can be combined with other elements. For example, even a sports bra can be stylish with the right amount of color! Look for workout clothing like this to make a bold statement.

Turn a Run Tank Into a Going Out Tank

Concerned your fancy workout clothes aren’t going to be used as often as you’d like? If you decide to invest in ladies running clothes you can most certainly wear them elsewhere, including when you go on a date. A city lights double-layered vest with contract color lining will look amazing with your favorite pair of skinny jeans and high heels. Infuse creativity into your wardrobe and you’ll love that you made the leap from black to color chic.

Fashionista on a Budget

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Getting the most utility out of your wardrobe should be the goal of any fashionable but budget-minded individual. With this in mind, here are some tips to help ensure that you will always look your best without breaking the bank. 

Buy utility pieces that will go with many other parts of your wardrobe: these are the workhorses of your wardrobe; the pieces that you just can't function day to day without, your multitaskers. A well-fitting pair (or several pairs) of black work slacks is an excellent jump-off point. They go with anything and are perfect for everyday wear at the office. Button-down long-sleeved dress shirts are another excellent example of wardrobe staples. You can go with the classic white plus cuffs model, or, once you've picked a style and cut that fits you really well, try branching out into colors that you love. These shirts go perfectly with the black slacks, but also with any number of bottoms, additionally, they layer beautifully with sweaters or other types of tops.

Try not to buy a piece of clothing or an accessory without a potential outfit in mind. Sometimes a piece is just too cute to pass up, and must be purchased in violation of one of the cardinal wardrobe rules, which is to avoid buying a component piece without a matching piece to make an outfit (either one you already own or one you are purchasing as a companion piece to the first). With this purchase comes the challenge: what to wear with it? If you have something you own that you know will be a perfect fit then by all means proceed. If you don’t, it might be worth your time to search for a matching top or bottom while you are still out shopping, when you can get the best idea of what looks good with what you want to purchase without actually spending the money yet. If a piece is a clear must-have but you don’t really have a good idea of what you can wear with it, you will want to spend some time evaluating your wardrobe to find a mate. Start with the piece and think about its cut, its overall style, and its color, and try to get a feel for what you own that will really go well with the piece, and how you can wear new and existing clothing in such a way as to make both elements look really great on you. On the plus side, it gives you some quality time considering your wardrobe, and that’s never a bad thing.

When you must break rule two (and you will from time to time), be willing to try new combinations. Consider patterns you might not typically chose, or maybe a dress you’ve had your eye on that seems too short can be layered with leggings. These two suggestions can be combined, as leggings in specific are in vogue right now, especially bright and unusually patterned leggings (like these dynamic chevron leggings from rue21). If you love the buttoned-down shirt look, spice it up with a brightly patterned high-low skirt and your favorite pair of sexy pumps. By thinking outside your comfort zone, you can get some good deals and some fresh new looks!

5 Ways to Get the Most out of Cheap Women’s Clothing

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Looking good can get expensive, but it doesn’t have to. Every girl is on the lookout for great but cheap women’s clothing—and if you know where to look you can find it. But how can you get the most out of these bargain finds? Here are our top five tips:


Cheap clothing isn’t always hard to find, but high-quality cheap clothing can be. Even so, the old adage “you get what you pay for” isn’t always true. Companies offer lower prices for a variety of reasons: because it’s not a major brand, because they have lower overhead, or because they’re trying to undercut the competition. That means that if you shop carefully you can find some well-made, durable garments with low price tags—and the only thing better than a cheap buy is a cheap buy that lasts several seasons. Look for strong buttons and clasps, good stitching and clothing that has a percentage of real cotton mixed with the acrylic fibers.


Go wild with styles. This is where cheap women’s clothing really shines. If you’re spending big money on a new dress, jacket or pair of shoes then you want them to be timeless: something you can wear for years to come, even as fashions change. Otherwise, you’re spending a lot but only getting a little use out of it. But when you’re bargain hunting that’s when it’s time to go a little crazy. Why not try out those peach knee-high cowgirl boots, or that eye-popping graphic tees. You can afford to take a risk or to hop on something that is super stylish right now but may not be next year.

Mix and Match

Combine cheap clothing with nicer pieces. This is every diva’s secret. If everything you wear is from the discount bin your options are going to be limited, but if you’re all designer tags you’re going to be bankrupt in a hurry. The secret is to mix and match. Cheap women’s clothing can look just as stunning and when paired with a few higher-end items no one is going to notice. For instance, how about a $30 cutout club dress paired with a nice hand-woven shawl or a name brand jacket? Similarly, combining your best accessories with a low priced dress, blouse or generic brand jean is a sure-fire way to look hot.


This is something you really need to watch for. Designers can spend more time on the cut of a dress or top while cheap women’s clothing may run either a little big or a little small. Again, this doesn’t mean it’s not worth it—you’re saving big money here—but it does mean you should try things on carefully and be ready to go a size above or below your norm.

Online Retailers

In many ways, online retailers offer the best options in cheap women’s clothing. They have the lowest overhead, a large selection, and often have generous shipping and return policies. Nothing’s more fun than getting a giant box of new clothing, trying it on in your own home, and sending back what you don’t like.

Cosabella x Erin Fetherston

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Just in time for wedding season, Cosabella has partnered with award winning designer, Erin Fetherston. Fetherston is the first to collaborate with the luxurious Italian lingerie within their bridal realm.

The collection will include a full line of bridal underpinnings inspired by the romantic and ethereal aesthetic of award winner; this feminine grouping is designed in sheer point d'esprit tulle, embellished with delicate eyelet trim. Prices range from $20 to $240 and will roll out in March just in time for wedding season.

In addition to the options above; customers who purchase any Erin Fetherston bridal garment will have the opportunity to win an Erin Bridal Soft Bra & Lowrider Thong (a $109 value).

Erin Bridal Babydoll, $138.50

Erin Bridal Hotpant, $42.50

Erin Bridal Soft Bra, $72

Fetherston Robe, $149

Erin Bridal Lowrider Thong, $37

Erin Bridal Push Up Bra, $94

Fetherston Minikini, $59.50

Fetherston Babydoll, $159.50

Fetherston Soft Bra, $73.50

Fetherston Thong, $52

Tips on Choosing a Plus-Size Dress

Thursday, January 30, 2014

eShakti is leading customizable online retailer that makes each garment available in sizes 0 to 36W. Fashion experts at eShakti know that curvy women have their own concerns and problem areas they like to address and so they offered Four Tips on selecting flattering plus-size apparel.

Curve-Hugging Fit

Contrary to what you might have heard, pillow-case is not the most flattering silhouette for a full-figured woman. Tight tailoring cinches in problem areas, creates structure and gives you the most flattering look. Be sure to look for tight-fitting bodices and they can take inches off your waist!

Curved Button Front Tweed Dress, $99.95

Scallop Trimmed Sheath Dress, $74.95

Houndstooth Tweed Sheath Dress, $99.95

Color Blocking

Color blocking in strategic areas can visually take inches and pounds off and instantly make you appear thinner. Look for items with color blocking in the sides, waist and hip area for ultimate effect. Horizontal paneling will elongate your shape.

Geometric Colorblock Poplin Dress, $64.95

Colorblock Bonded lace Dress, $58.95

Colorblock A-line Poplin Dress, $69.95


One universal problem area plus-size women pay attention to are the arms. A ¾ sleeve is ultra flattering, masking the problem area and shaping the arm. Be sure to look for sleeves that are stretchy, flowing or adjustable – you don’t want the sleeve to be uncomfortable, tight and restricting!

Grecian Goddess Knit Dress, $64.95

Split Neck Geo Print Crepe Dress, $119.95

Zip Detail Faux Leather Trim Crepe Dress, $89.95


You might have heard that plus-size women should abstain from patterns. Forget that myth right away! Loud prints can bring emphasis to the area you wear them, so pay attention to where you're wearing your prints and use them to your advantage! Stripes especially have a visually slimming effect.

Floral Print Chiffon Pleat Waist Dress, $119.95

Show Your Stripes A-line Dress, $79.95

Tipped Trim Chiffon Print Dress, $59.95