Quick Tips to Creating a Winning Workout Outfit

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Tired of drab black workout outfits that have absolutely no style? Your workout wardrobe does not have to suffer just because you happen to love a sleek black wardrobe. All it takes are a few items of clothing to add some much needed style and color to your basic workout wardrobe. You can wear women’s running clothes during your next run that will make you feel fabulous and fierce. It’s important to wear what you are comfortable in, but don’t be afraid to implement some color too!

Look for Something with a Bold Print

Sweaty Betty offers trendy workout tops that still are mainly black but add in the perfect amount of color. In addition to finding a bold print with the right amount of color, a workout top can be combined with other elements. For example, even a sports bra can be stylish with the right amount of color! Look for workout clothing like this to make a bold statement.

Turn a Run Tank Into a Going Out Tank

Concerned your fancy workout clothes aren’t going to be used as often as you’d like? If you decide to invest in ladies running clothes you can most certainly wear them elsewhere, including when you go on a date. A city lights double-layered vest with contract color lining will look amazing with your favorite pair of skinny jeans and high heels. Infuse creativity into your wardrobe and you’ll love that you made the leap from black to color chic.