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Tuesday, March 01, 2016

The wrap bracelets at Victoria Emerson are budget-friendly and undeniably chic with a bohemian sense of style. There isn’t an inkling of a doubt that you will get a second glance when donning one of their wrap bracelets ($24 – $34)! Each wrap bracelet is handcrafted and comes in a variety of styles to suit your personal style. Most of their wrap bracelets are made of authentic leather, yet they do offer 18 vegan-friendly wrap bracelets. They currently offer over 150 wrap bracelets altogether! Victoria Emerson offers other type of bracelets as well, even though they are primarily known for their wrap bracelets. They also have an impressive array of beautiful and unique earrings and necklaces that are statement-worthy!

It’s no question about it that I’m particularly fond of bracelets when it comes to accessorizing, considering that they make up most of my jewelry collection. That’s one of the reasons why choosing the bracelets of my choice from Victoria Emerson wasn’t an easy task. The fact that they have so many beautiful bracelet styles that suit my style is another reason! I finally opted for the Turquoise & Shell on Natural Wrap Bracelet ($29) and White Jade with Mixed Crystals on Brown Vegan Wrap Bracelet ($29) after careful thought and consideration.

Bracelets like the White Jade with Mixed Crystals on Brown Vegan Wrap Bracelet perfectly conveys my love for earthy colors, whereas bracelets like the Turquoise & Shell on Natural Wrap Bracelet reminds me of a day at the beach – calming turquoise waters and grains of sand. Each bracelet has one engraved Victoria Emerson nickel-free clasp with closures at 34″, 35″ and 36″. They also come with a branded Victoria Emerson pouch.

The bracelets are lightweight and make a significant statement, whether they’re worn together or solo. That’s why they’d make the ultimate accessories for traveling. Their versatility and uniqueness enables you to easily pair them with other Victoria Emerson wrap bracelets to match your mood or outfit. I love how comfortable they are because of their adjustability. It can almost go without saying that one size fits all!

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